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Dental Assistant Training School

A career in Dental Assisting is exciting and challenging. If you are a people person and enjoy helping people with their dental care and making beautiful smiles, then a dental assistant is the profession for you. You will be taught in an actual practicing dental office and learn from dental professionals who practice and teach the most current up-to-date methods. Our dental practice is located just south of Rawson Road on the corner of 10th Ave and Madison Ave., provides a central location for those living in Franklin, Oak Creek, Racine, Caledonia and surrounding communities in Milwaukee.

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Our Chairside Dental Assisting course takes just 8 weeks and is offered on consecutive Saturdays from 8am until 5pm. Many other programs require 6 to 12 months to complete in order to justify significantly higher tuition fees.Our years of experience provides you with the necessary knowledge to begin you new career.

In just 8 weeks, you will gain hands-on training and experience with the latest dental equipment and techniques.
In just 8 weeks, you will learn dental terminology and the use of dental equipment, instruments, and laboratory procedures.

In just 8 weeks, you and your classmates will get an opportunity to meet and ask questions of a practicing dentist to guide your transition into the dental field.In just 8 weeks, you will be on the fast track to success with your new professional dental career!

The job opportunity for trained dental assistants is quite good in today's marketplace. In most parts of the country, there is an acute shortage of dental assistants! An examination of the classified ads in the Sunday newspaper shows that the demand for dental assistants is quite strong. This is true all over the country as well. The majority of these ads require experienced applicants. Following your dental assisting training in this introductory eight-week course, you will have the confidence and skills necessary to apply for these positions. Along with your certificate, we will provide a letter of recommendation and a summary of your training experience.
All supplies, materials, teaching aids, books, class notes, etc., are supplied at no additional charge. There are no hidden costs beyond the tuition for the course.