Upcoming Programs at the Racine Public Library

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 Upcoming Programs at the Racine Public Library

These programs are held at 75 Seventh Street, Racine, unless stated otherwise.
Racine Public Library; 262.636.9217



November 25, 2017

11:00-4:00 | Youth Services

No registration is required, LEGO are provided. Children of all ages are invited to come and create with LEGOs. Children 7 and under must be accompanied by an adult in the Youth Services Area. Questions or concerns please contact Rebecca Leannah at 262.636.9255 or rebecca.leannah@racinelibrary.info.



Racine, WI – The partnership of Coming Together Racine and the Racine Public Library invite the community to view a film and participate in a discussion about racism and race relations on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at the Racine Public Library, 75 Seventh Street, Racine, Wisconsin.  The movie tells the story of Richard and Mildred Loving, a couple whose arrest for interracial marriage in 1960s Virginia began a legal battle that would end with the Supreme Court’s historic 1967 decision.

Richard and Mildred Loving, the plaintiffs in the 1967 U.S. Supreme Court decision Loving v. Virginia, which invalidated state laws prohibiting interracial marriage. The film was produced by Big Beach and Raindog Films, and distributed by Focus Features. The film takes inspiration from The Loving Story (2011) by Nancy Buirski, a documentary which follows the Lovings and their landmark case.

The case was brought by Mildred Loving, a black woman, and Richard Loving, a white man, who had been sentenced to a year in prison in Virginia for marrying each other. Their marriage violated the state’s anti-miscegenation statute, the Racial Integrity Act of 1924, which prohibited marriage between people classified as “white” and people classified as “colored”. The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision determined that this prohibition was unconstitutional, overruling Pace v. Alabama (1883) and ending all race-based legal restrictions on marriage in the United States.

The decision was followed by an increase in interracial marriages in the U.S., and is remembered annually on Loving Day, June 12. Beginning in 2013, it was cited as precedent in U.S. federal court decisions holding restrictions on same-sex marriage in the United States unconstitutional, including in the 2015 Supreme Court decision Obergefell v. Hodges.

The mission of Coming Together Racine is to actively challenge and eliminate racism in the greater Racine community.  The vision of Coming Together Racine is to create a genuine inter-racial community where all people have equal voice and access to resources and opportunities.

Teen Reads Book Club


Teens in grades 6-12 are invited to join Teens Reads, a monthly book club featuring games and activities that center around a genre or theme. The game is afoot, for November’s theme is Detective Mysteries. Find out more at www.youtube.com/user/RacineLibrary or contact Rachel at rachel.zuffa@racinelibrary.info. We’ll meet from 4:30-5:30 on November 27th in the Lee Room at Racine Public Library. Registration is required and open until November 20th. Please contact 262.636.9245 or visit www.racinelibrary.info