Racine County Sheriff’s Office warns of telephone fraud complaints

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The Racine County Sheriff’s Office has taken numerous fraud complaints from citizens in which the suspects make contact with the victims by phone.  The suspects have personal identifying information about the victims.  In several incidents, the suspects pose as IRS representatives and demand payment of delinquent taxes in the form of Itunes gift cards.

In other incidents, the suspect(s) pose as relatives of the victim, telling the victim the family member was arrested and needs bond money to be released.  The suspects will also pose as Law Enforcement to “reassure” the victim that the family member is indeed in custody and requires bond money.

These frauds are most often perpetuated upon the elderly.  The Racine County Sheriff’s Office asks the public to be aware of these fraud attempts and to educate the elderly in your family who may not have access to these public service announcements.