Adopt Redford! He loves people

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Redford is a 7 month old hound mix. We adopted him out at 8 weeks old, and his adopter recently reached out to let us know they couldn’t keep him. The reason we were given originally for his return was that the senior cat in the home wasn’t adjusting to having him there, and was highly stressed. So, we took this great dog back into the fold! He did not get a lot of training at the home that had him. He loves people, and I think he’ll train easily, because he loves attention and affection. When he was hanging out at the adoption center, he kept himself occupied with a toy, and didn’t get I to any trouble. He sat in the office and watched us work all day! So far, he seems to be pretty housebroken. I took him for a short leisurely walk, and he was great. He walked along with me, didn’t pull, but he is a hound mix, so once or twice his nose took over, and I had to remind him to keep walking. He was not socialized and does not do well with other dogs. This is something that, with training and dedication, that could probably be turned around, but right now, he needs to be an only dog, He should not go to dog parks.He does well with most kids and seemed to like the cat, more in a “I would like to play” way-so if your cat would run away from him all the time, he would probably try to chase just to continue the game! Redford is a really great dog who deserves a chance at a family who loves him forever!  His adoption fee of $350+tax includes neuter, rabies/distemper/bordetella vaccines, dewormer, microchip, heartworm negative, on preventative medication and health certificate. You can apply to adopt at

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