Teen charged with pointing a shotgun after incident involving children

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Talyiah B Brown, 17 of Racine has been charged with Intentionally Point Firearm At Person, two counts of Bail Jumping-Felony and Disorderly Conduct. She was given a $1,000 cash bond after appearing in Racine Circuit Court Wednesday afternoon

According to the criminal complaint, on  8-22-17 at approximately 3:32 p.m., Racine Police were dispatched to the  1100 block of  Reiley Court, in regards to a 17-year-old black female, later identified as Talyiah B. Brown (the defendant), in possession of a shotgun. Upon arrival, all parties were ordered outside of the residence with their hands up. During a protective sweep of the residence, a shotgun was located in the first floor bedroom closet.

Officers spoke with witnesses, who stated that a female  came to the residence with her son ( in regards to an incident involving her son and another child from that residence),  knocked on the door, which was answered by Brown, who then got upset and started yelling obscenities toward her.

Multiple witnesses report that Brown retrieved a brown shotgun from within the residence and pointed it at the female, and that that a younger female child within the residence was trying to hold Brown back and advising Brown to put the gun away. When told that police were being called, Brown ran back into the residence.

During a Mirandized interview, officers spoke with the defendant, who stated that the victim came and started kicking the door in. Brown denied having access to the shotgun because it was behind locked doors, and stated that she only threatened to protect her house with it.

The criminal complaint states that officers spoke with the owner of the shotgun who stated that it was wrapped in a dress inside her bedroom closet, which was protected with dead-bolt-locks, and that her bedroom door was also protected with dead-bolt-locks. Officers said that the shot gun was located inside an unlocked bedroom, unlocked closet, and not wrapped in a dress. When presented with this information, the owner stated that the shotgun must have been moved.

According to the criminal complaint the defendant has multiple pending felony cases in Racine.