Racine County Sheriff-Arrests Made in Drug Trafficking Organization

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From the Racine County Sheriff’s Office-On August 8th, agents from the Racine County Metro Drug Unit executed four narcotics related search warrants at residences in the City of Racine.  The search warrants were related to a drug trafficking organization.  A Drug Trafficking Organization is defined as a group of at least five or more persons whose principle activity is to generate income or assets through a continuing series of illegal drug distribution, and of which has a defined leader.  Agents have made approximately 30 controlled purchases of heroin from the members of this group.

The following individuals were arrested and incarcerated in the Racine County Jail:

Kevin Robinson, age 34, resident of Racine County

Rodolfo Lopez, age 35, resident of Racine County

Jermichael Sykes, age 32, resident of Racine County

Nicole Harmon, age 34, resident of Racine County

Sara Aude, age 30, resident of Racine County

Katherine Fabio, age 38, resident of Racine County

The following individuals were not located during the search but are wanted for drug trafficking crimes as well.   If you have information regarding their whereabouts, please call the Racine County Sheriff’s Office at 262-886-2300.

Shakur Miller, age 23, resident of Racine County

David Edwards, age 38, resident of Racine County

Leroy Ostrander, age 39, resident of Racine County

Sheriff Christopher Schmaling will hold a press conference Wednesday August 9th to provide more information on this Drug Trafficking Organization and those who were arrested. Other county officials will also be present during the press conference