Dominque Knight formally charged in murder of Harry Canady

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Dominque Knight 26, of Racine has been formally charged with 1st-Degree Intentional Homicide and Possess Firearm-Convicted of a Felony. He was given a $500,000 cash bond after appearing in Racine court Wednesday afternoon, on a Return on warrant/Initial appearance in the homicide of Harry Canady.

According to the criminal complaint on 05/07/17 at approximately 5:09 p.m. the Racine Police Department dispatch center was contacted with regard to a shooting that had occurred on the front porch of a home in the 600 North Memorial Drive.

Racine Police learned that the decedent was identified as Harry Canady. Racine Police began interviewing potential witnesses and to get an overall understanding of what occurred.  A witness stated said that the victim was on the porch, waiting for a ride, when someone had approached and began fighting with him. It was then, that he was shot and stated to officers the witness had  heard that the defendant and another party  “were pissed off at Harry because they thought that Harry and his friends had ripped off money and/or drugs from them”  Witnesses reported that the recognize the defendant from facebook that he had posted some subtle threats towards Harry.  Investigators were able to identify the defendant .

The criminal complaint states that investigators spoke with another party relating to the shooting death of Harry Canady. He stated that Knight told him to give him a ride up on north Memorial. The witness said that Knight was quiet the entire way there and gave no indication of what was about to occur.

The criminal complaint states, The witness stated that upon arriving in the  600 block of North Memorial, Knight told him to pull over. Once he pulled over, Knight got out of the car and approached Harry Canady on the porch of a residence and stated that Knight was poking Canady in the face area, asking “Where’s my money at? You got my money?” Where then the victim stated “Man, I ain’t got your money. I ain’t got your money.”

The witness stated he then sees as Knight rears back as if to punch Canady but realizes that Knight had a gun and that he shot Canady, then he panicked an ran