Driver arrested after dumping overdose victim in grass and leaving the scene

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On 06/10/2017 at 1:51 pm the Racine County Communications Center received a 911 call reporting a possible drug overdose victim laying in the grass at the intersection S Millgate DR and E Main St in the Village of Rochester.

Upon arrival of the first Deputy there was a civilian good Samaritan performing chest compressions on the 20 year subject who was pulseless and not breathing.  The Deputy administered a dose of Narcan, which is carried in all of the Racine County Sheriff’s Office patrol vehicles.  This took immediate affect and the person began breathing on his own.

Investigation into this matter showed the subject was riding in a vehicle with a 22 year old male and began to show the signs of overdosing.  The driver of the car pulled over and was seen pulling the subject from the car and then dragging him away from the car.  The driver then told someone to call 911 and fled the area in his car.

Deputies on scene were able to get a description of the vehicle and within minutes located it and the driver a short distance away.  The driver indicated he left the subject in an attempt to find Narcan to help his friend however he was found in a residential area driving away from the scene.

The overdose subject was conveyed to a local hospital where he was treated and eventually released.  The driver was arrested and charged with Drugged Driving based on his admission to being on heroin himself and 1st Degree  Reckless Endangering Safety for leaving his friend in the grass in the medical condition he was found.

The names of the people involved in this incident are not being released based on the fact this is an ongoing investigation involving the sale and distribution of heroin.

Sheriff Schmaling is “Very proud to report that my deputies saved yet another life from overdosing on opioids. I hope the overdose subject gets the treatment and help he clearly needs. In contrast, I struggle to understand what type of person leaves their friend to die. I can only hope our justice system makes an example out of him.”

Again, the names are and will be withheld based on the ongoing investigation involving the sales and distribution of not only heroin but also prescription medication.