Teen Charged After Accidentally Shooting Himself

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Desmond A Lindsey, 15 of Racine has been charged with Possess Firearm-Adjudicated Deliquent of a Felony. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 3,2017

According to the criminal complaint on Friday, March 25, 2017, at approximately 12:00am, Mount Pleasant Police had stopped a vehicle for a high rate of speed, officers stated that the passenger in the back seat of the vehicle, the defendant had a gunshot wound to his abdomen.

Officers advised that parties in the vehicle informed them the defendant came to the apartment with a gunshot wound and they jumped in the car to take him to the hospital. When the parties were separated their stories were very inconsistent according to initial officers on scene.

Detectives who interviewed witnesses stat that witnesses admitted that the defendant shot himself and must have been done so when he went into a bedroom to get the weapon. Witnesses stated that the defendant  is a felon and shouldn’t have a gun, and knew he would get in a lot of trouble.