10-41: A guardian angel in blue

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2013 RAPD Patch Scan Most citizens will never realize the true impact of what a police officer does or goes through while on the job. Most complain about tickets, officers sitting in parking lots or the old standard joke….”doughnuts”

Early this morning about 3 a.m. Officer Chris Forsman a third shift officer who has been with Racine Police for 25 years was on patrol when she noticed a car at 10th and Main. Temperatures at that time were bitterly cold and below zero. She knew something didn’t appear right and when she approached the car she found a 71 year old female inside almost out of gas. Officer Forsman quickly realized when speaking to the woman that she had some medical issues because she believed she was in Champaign, Illinois and needed to get gas. When she was told she was in Racine Wisconsin she didn’t even know where that city was located.

Officer Forsman discovered through speaking to the 71 year old woman that she had been driving since 1 p.m. Monday afternoon and lived 4 hours away. The Officer brought her back to the station for her safety and contacted relatives who wouldn’t/couldn’t come to Racine to get her. Upon hearing from relatives that she does suffer from dementia, the officer stuck by her side.

Racine County Human Resources was contacted to help assist the officer in getting the women into a safe warm location until further arrangements could be made. The officer spent time with the woman stating that she needs a support system set up in case this ever happens again, due to the fact she lives alone and no one had noticed her missing since yesterday. Racine Police found out that this this woman has been situations like this before. The Officer was even willing to drive this woman home and is continuing to follow up to make sure she is ok and that she a support system and all agencies are involved before the woman returns home to her residence.

The woman is currently in a safe warm home getting the attention she needs and agencies are working together to ensure this woman’s wellbeing, safety and to try to make sure this doesn’t happen again. We would like to thank Officer Chris Forsman for being this woman’s guardian angel in blue this morning.


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