DNR Agents and Kenosha Deputies Raid Shelter for Baby Deer

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Bristol, Wis. (July 15, 2016) – An army of Kenosha County Sheriff Deputies and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources agents descended on the Society of St. Francis in Bristol, Wis after receiving information that the no-kill shelter was harboring a baby fawn on the property.
Based on an affidavit provided by John Sinclair, the DNR conservation warden servicing Kenosha County, Circuit Court Judge Jason Rossell approved a sweeping search warrant that permitted a swarm of agents and deputies to enter into a private residence, dog kennels, a chicken coop, a cat house, a goat house and a barn to search for a baby fawn believed to be housed on the property of the Illinois corporation of the Society of St. Francis, Inc.

“They went into drawers and cabinets. They refused to let our volunteers and contractors work. They shut down the entire shelter and would not permit anyone to enter or leave the property. They basically shut down our entire business for hours while they herded all of our contractors and
volunteers into an area where they intimidated them and refused to permit them to work or makeany phone calls. Shelter workers were even prevented for caring for and cooling down animals when the heat index was extremely dangerous. A sheriff’s deputy even took the cell phone away
from one of our workers to delete pictures he took of the DNR fiasco” said Cindy Schultz,President of the Society of St. Francis, a no-kill animal shelter in Bristol, Wis.

The DNR show of force was in response to an erroneous anonymous complaint that the Society of St. Francis no-kill shelter was planning to permanently house a baby deer on the property. The baby deer, shelter workers named Giggles, was found over the Wisconsin border in Illinois and brought to the St. Francis shelter by a man who had found the baby deer four days earlier and kept the deer in his home. “There was no way of getting the baby back to her motherbecause the person, who found the deer, had kept her too long” said Schultz. “Because Giggles
was an Illinois deer, we made contact with an authorized Illinois deer rescue and madearrangements to take Giggles to that rescue” Schultz said. “We had planned on taking Giggles to her new home after our Walk for the Animals on Sunday.”

To the horror of shelter workers, volunteers and contributors, the DNR agents removedall workers from their posts and made them stand in the parking lot while they rifled throughdrawers and cabinets looking for the baby deer. Ultimately, the agents found Giggles in a barnstall where they immediately killed the baby deer. “Everyone, who loved that little deer andwanted to see her go to a wildlife rescue where she could live out her life, saw these DNR thugs haul her out of our no-kill shelter in a body bag. These bullies traumatized our shelter and the
animals and people in it. They put the lives of over 300 animals in jeopardy when they refused to permit shelter volunteers to bring animals from out of the sun on a dangerously hot day. This was a violation of Wisconsin law and could have caused the deaths of many animals. As it was,
it took shelter volunteers the remainder of the day to cool down the animals who where forced to linger in the hot sun while the DNR held the workers captive” said Schultz.

“In addition to disrupting our entire business and putting our workers under arrest,without any authority whatsoever, these bullies from the DNR marched into our barn and killedthat little deer on our property” said Schultz. “Then they went to our pond and took a CanadaGoose who has lived by our pond for over 8 years.” The goose landed on the St. Francisproperty and could no longer fly after hunters shot the goose at the St. Francis property line.Schultz says that she intends to produce a video story for the internet about Giggles andthat she intends to file a federal lawsuit against the State of Wisconsin. “Giggles is not going todie for no reason. They killed that baby deer and destroyed the photos we took of the DNR
antics but we have plenty of photos and video of little Giggles and every person detained on our property has a cause of action.” said Schultz.
John Sinclair, the DNR warden who instigated the raid and the killing of Giggles, skulked the St. Francis property five days before getting Judge Rossell to sign the sweepingwarrant. In a sworn affidavit presented to Rossell, Sinclair declared that he had witnessed thelittle deer following several St. Francis workers in and out of the shelter barn. “There is a lot ofblame to go around here” said Schultz. “We have the gutless wonder who lied in an anonymous call to the DNR, the judge who signed a warrant that permitted DNR agents to shut down an entire business and take people into custody to look for a little deer who the judge and the DNRagent both knew was located in the barn. And we have the individuals who killed the baby deeron the St. Francis property. This was an Illinois deer, being temporally housed by an Illinois corporation before being relocated to an Illinois Wildlife Rehabilitation facility. We had 60 days to transfer the baby deer that the State of Wisconsin had no jurisdiction over. Now she is dead” said Schultz.

The DNR budget is $570.6 million for 2013-14 and $573.7 million for 2014-15. This is an increase of $20.9 million over the 2011-13 Biennial Budget. “I am appalled that the State of Wisconsin is increasing the budget for this wasteful and bloated agency when our schools are in
ruin and when local municipalities can barely pay for animal control.” said Schultz. “Something is obviously very wrong when an agency can send out a swat team of over paid employees to hunt down and kill a contained baby deer” Schultz said. A similar situation happened just 2 years ago when the Chicago Tribune ran a story on Charlotte the Deer.” In that case, that DNR tried to kill a deer rescued by Marvin Graaf of Wisconsin. The Chicago Tribune ran a series of stories about “Charlotte the Deer” thatprompted Governor Scott Walker to pardon the deer after Illinois residents poured letters andcalls into Walker’s office. “The DNR saw what happened with Charlotte and this time madedamn sure that Giggles wasn’t going to get any pardon. They dispensed with due processaltogether by getting a sweeping warrant from a judge who sent 15 taxpayer funded sheriff
deputies and DNR agents rifling through drawers and bathroom cabinets in search for a 35 lbbaby deer to kill.” said Schultz. “They did a lot damage here. There could have been a lot moredamage if other animals would have died during this fiasco. This is never going to happen

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10 Responses to DNR Agents and Kenosha Deputies Raid Shelter for Baby Deer

  1. If even part of this story is true, these acts do dot represent a government in touch with reality. Kathy Stepp is head of the DNR in Madison, her husband owns and operates a truck garage in Kansasville on Hwy. 11, near Hwy. C called Magnum.

    08/02/2013 at 9:37 am

  2. This was sent from the shelter where Giggles lived. WISN Channel 12 has covered this since they found out, here’s a follow up from them on the story

    08/03/2013 at 12:13 am

  3. The WIDNR Facebook page was taken down after thousands of posts chastising the actions of these swat style thugs. Of course they claim there were death threats but i personally followed the posts and didnt see any. Of course i didnt read them all but i read the majority of them. They wonder why no one trusts these folks? They run around shooting peoples dogs behind fences, tazing the elderly over speeding tickets and setting up unconstitutional road blocks. They want respect? They screwed that up years ago, now they are playing the fear card.

    08/03/2013 at 12:36 am

  4. I agree but this is the world we live in now. We’ve allowed our schools to teach people WHAT to think and not HOW to think so common sense is a rarity these days. The CWD angle is a bunch of bull, ive been eating deer meat for nearly 4 decades as well as my entire family. None of us have had any problems so this was just a show of power and a huge waste of tax payer money. Reconnaissance flights? Twelve armed men? This was done for the intimidation factor, they knew these people posed no threat.

    So if a bunny rabbit dies and its babies are in my back yard am i supposed to kill them since it is illegal to harbor and care for wildlife? Who is the moron that introduced this law and what do we need to do to change it?

    Im so tired of this nanny state crap..

    08/03/2013 at 2:27 am

  5. Perhaps a search at Magnum will reveal oil or antifreeze on the ground.

    Now back to reality.

    We have a severely dysfunctional government, disconnected from common sense and the taxpayer.

    If you want your voice to be heard…………

    Below is the DNR’s Cathy Stepp’s husbands business.

    Magnum Truck & Equipment 22230 Durand Ave, Kansasville, Wisconsin, 53139. Phone: (262)770-8697 (cell) or (866)507-5554. Fax: (262)995-1174.

    Voice your concerns directly with him at his business.

    Remember , as a spouse, he is also receiving many state benefits from his wife, he is fair game.

    08/03/2013 at 2:51 am

  6. I see the opened their facebook page once again. Seems they did so to post an article on CWD. Funny how they have no problem taking people money each year and allowing us to kill and consume these infected creatures. If CWD was really at the heart of the issue they wouldnt allow us to do so.

    With this article on CWD posted they are shooting themselves in the foot and killing our hunting economy. What a bunch of morons, i was taught that when you make a mistake you admit it, that is part of being an adult. Why is it that state agencies never admit fault anymore?

    Now i read they took an employee’s, of the shelter, camera for filming the raid? Great, now the tax payers will be out more money after the lawsuit. What we need to do is hold these types of state employee’s liable on a personal level just like everyone else. I am tired of paying for their mistakes and why should i since i have no say in their hiring. This is why they dont care about the mistakes they make, they arent going to have to pay the lawsuits..

    08/04/2013 at 2:05 am

  7. Gene Sharp’s list of civil disobedience

    198 ways to civilly force change in government


    08/04/2013 at 11:37 am

  8. Legal Stranger, I like milwaukee county corruption.
    Are you the same writer from the closed racine county corruption?

    whoDunit, You are so right about officials not taking responsibility for their acts. Sites like racineuncovered expose the reality of our community.

    It is good that we have people like Beth David who calls it like it is, and takes the time to make our community a better place…. Thanks Beth

    08/04/2013 at 9:02 pm

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