Burglar falls asleep inside office before arrest

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handcuffChristopher White, of Waterford is facing 2 felony burglary charges along with 2 bail jumping charges after he allegedly broke into a business, curled up and fell asleep in a bear skin. He is being held on $1,000 cash bond

According to the criminal complaint. The suspect broke the window in a back conference room broke into a Burlington Remax office building. Investigators say White broke into the office, grabbed three computers, set them outside the front door, then went back in for more. They believe he went into the basement, pulled a bear skin off the wall, then fell asleep.

According to reports, employees got to work around 8:30 a.m., realized there had been a break-in, looked around, then called police.

Employees didn’t realize that the offender was inside the building until police peeked through a window, then saw the alleged burglar curled up on the bear skin. White was taken into custody. The complaint states that White “admitted that he had gone out drinking the night before, and “he was just cold and tired.” Police say White also tried to break into an apartment building earlier that night.


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